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MR 120 and Schedules specifying

Requirements in Respect of Dangerous Processes and Operations

Notified under Section 87 of the Factories Act

Schedule No.Topic
1 Manufacture of aerated water and processes incidental thereto
2 Electrolytic plating or oxidation of metal articles by use of an electrolyte containing acids, bases or salts of metals such as chromium, nickel, cadmium, zinc, copper, silver, gold etc
3 Manufacture and repair of electric accumulators
4 Glass manufacture
5 Grinding or glazing of metals and processes incidental therein of lead
6 Manufacture and treatment of lead and certain compounds of lead
7 Generating petrol gas from petrol
8 Cleaning or smoothing, roughening, etc. of articles by a jet of sand, metal sheet or grit or other abrasive propelled by blast of compressed air or steam
9 Liming and tanning of raw hides and skins and processes incidental thereto
10 Prinring presses and type foundries and certain lead processes carried therein
11 Manufacture of pottery
12 Chemical works
13 Manipulation of stone or any other materials containing free silica
14 Handling and processing of asbestos, manufacture of any article of asbestos and any other process of manufacture or otherwise in which asbestos is used in any form
15 Handling or manipulation of corrosive substances
16 Processing of cashew nut
17 Compression of oxygen and hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of water
18 Process of extracting oils and fats from vegetable and animal sources in solvent extraction plants
19 Manufacture or manipulation of manganese and its compounds
20 Manufacture or manipulation of dangerous pesticides
21 Manufacture, handling and usage of benzene and substances containing benzene
22 Manufacturing process or operations in carbon disulphide plants
23 Manufacture or manipulation of carcinogenic dye intermediates
24 Operations involving high noise and vibration levels
25 Manufacture of Rayon by Viscose Process
26 Highly flammable liquids and flammable Compressed Gases
27 Foundry Operations