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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • The containers used for stuffing shall be clean, dry and free from odour.
  • Proper lighting arrangements shall be provided for the stuffing of the containers and light fittings shall be safely located.
  • Containers mounted on chassis shall be properly secured and supported and proper bridge plates shall be used while the stuffing or destuffing operation is on.
  • Dangerous goods which are not recommended for grouping together shall not be stuffed in the same container.
  • Containers stuffed with dangerous goods shall be labelled with internationally approved levels.
  • When fork lift is employed for stuffing or destuffing no other person shall be inside container.
  • No container shall be stuffed beyond its capacity which is marked on It and containers shall be stuffed in such a manner that weight distribution is uniform as far as possible, throughout the floor area of containers.
  • No smoking shall be permitted during stuffing or destuffing operations inside the container.
  • Upon completion of the stuffing, the container door shall be properly secured with a lock or container seals.
  • When a container is to be destuffed, only one door shall be opened carefully at a time to prevent possibility of any cargo collapsing.
  • Dock workers employed in stuffing and destuffing of reefer containers shall be provided with proper protective clothing.