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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • General
    • Winches shall not be used if control levers to operate with excessive friction or excessive play.
    • Double gear winches shall not be used unless a positive means of locking the gear shift is provided.
    • When changing gears on a two gear winch, there shall be no load other than the fall and the cargo hock assembly on the winch.
    • Adequate protection shall be provided to winch operator against the weather, where necessary.
    • Temporary seats and shelters for winch operators which create a hazard to the winch operator or other dock workers shall not be allowed to be used.
    • When winchs are left unattended, control levers shall be secured in the neutral position and whenever possible, the power shall be shut off.
  • Steam winches

    In every steam winch used in dock work

    • measures shall be taken to prevent escaping steam, from obscuring any part of the decks or other work places or from otherwise hindering or injuring any dock worker
    • extension control levers which tend to fall of their own weight shall be counter-balanced;
    • except for short handles on wheel type controls, winch operations shall not be permitted to use the winch control extension levers unless they are provided by either the ship or the employer and such levers shall be of adequate strength and secure and fastened with metal connections at the fulcrum and at the permanent control lever.
  • Electric winches
    • In case of any defect, dock workers shall not be permitted to transfer with or adjust electric control circuits.
    • Electric wireless shall be used for dock work in case where
      • the electro-magnetic brake is unable to hold the load; and
      • one or more control points, either hoisting or lowering is not operating properly.