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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • If the depth from the level of the deck to the bottom of the hold exceed 1.5 metres there shall be maintained safe means of access from the deck to the hold In which work Is being carried on.
  • Where practicable, access to the hold shall be by separate man-hatches 60 centimetre by 60 centimetre clear in size, with a sloping ladder and hand rail through each deck to the lower hold and hinged cover for a man-hatch shall, while in the open position, be effectively secured
  • When the length of the hatchway exceeds 7 metres, a fixed hold ladder shall be fitted both on or near the fore and aft side of the hatchway.
  • Fixed hold ladders shall be maintained in good repair and shall comply with the following provisions:
    • the ladders shall be at least 30 centimetres between their up-rights and leave free foot-room of at least 12 centimetres behind the ladder:
    • the rungs shall be so fastened that they cannot tilt, and the intervals between rungs shall not exceed 30 centimetres;
    • the rungs shall afford an adequate hand-hold;
    • the ladders shall be sufficiently long; and
    • a suitable landing platform shall be provided for every six metres length or fraction thereof
  • Fixed hold ladders connecting decks shall lie in the same straight line, unless measures are taken at each tween deck for safe ascent and descent from the ladders.
    • If the fixed holds ladders cannot extend upwards on to the coamings, strong cleats shall be fitted to the coamings in the same line as the ladders at intervals not exceeding 30 centimetres having a clear internal width of at least 30 centimetres while affording free footroom of at least 12 centimeters and so constructed as to prevent the foot from slipping sideways:
    • Coamings which are higher than 90 centimeters above the deck shall also be provided with the necessary cleats referred to in this sub-regulation on the outside.
  • Shaft tunnels shall be provided with adequate hand-hold and boot-hold on each side
  • The approaches to hold ladders and stairs shall be at least 4-0 centimeters wide and shall not be obstructed, and if on one or both sides there are dangerous moving parts it shall be at least 50 centimeters wide.
  • Cargo shall be stacked sufficiently far from the ladder to leave at each rung of the ladder foot-hold of a depth including any space behind the ladder of not less than 12 cms. for a width of 25 centimeters.