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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.


Scale for providing latrines, urinals, washing and bathing facilities in a Dock

(See Regulations 97 and 100)


One for every 50 dock workers and minimum of 3 in each block.


One for every 100 dock workers and minimum 4 urinals in each block.

Washing facilities:

Washing taps:

Upto 200 dock workers 4 taps

Over 200 dock workers 4 taps plus 1 tap for every 100 workers or part thereof.

Shower bath:

Upto 200 dock workers-2 shower baths.

Above 200-Upto 500 dock workers-4 shower baths.

Over 500 dock workers 4 plus one shower bath for every 200 workers or part thereof with

minimum of 2 shower baths in a block.