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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.



[See Regulations 47 (2) and 51 (2)]

Certificate of Annual Thorough Examination of Loose Gears Exempted from Annealing

Certificate No...............

(1) In case of dock, wharf or quay

Name of dock, wharf or quay where lifting appliances are fitted.

In case of Ship

(2) Name of Ship ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Official number ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Call Sign ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Port of registry ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Name of Owner ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Distinguishing number or markDescription of gearNumber of the certificate initial and periodical of test and examinationRemarks

5. Name and address of public service. association. company or firm or testing establishment making the test and examination....................

6. Name and position of competent person in public service. association company or firm or testing establishment

I certify that on the ________ day of _________ of 19 ________ the above gear described in column (2) was thoroughly examined and that no defects affecting its safe working condition were found other than those indicated in column (4).

Signature of the competent person Seal Date

(see Note 2)

Registration/Authority number of the competent person.


  • Column (2}-The dimensions of the gear. the types OS material of which it is made and the heat treatment received in manufacture should be stated.
  • "Competent person" means-­
    • a person belonging to a testing establishment in India who is approved by the Chief Inspector for the purposes of testing. examination or. annealing and certification of lifting appliances. loose gears or wire ropes;
    • any other person who is recognised under the relevant regulations in force in other countries as competent for issuing certificates for any of the purposes mentioned in sub-clause (i) for implementation of the Protection against Accidents (Dockers) Convention (Revised). 1932 (No. 32) and the Convention concerning Occupational Safety and Health in Dock Work (No. 152). 1979. adopted by International Labour Conference.
  • For list of gear not required to be annealed and definition of "thorough examination" see overleaf.
  • This certificate is optional. The above particulars may be entered in Form II of the Register.


  • The following classes of gear have been exempted from annealing but require to be thoroughly examined by a competent person once at least in every twelve months:
    • Chains, made of malleable cast iron:
    • Plate link chains;
    • Chains. rings. hooks. shackles and swivels made of steel;
    • Pitched chains;
    • Rings. hooks. shackles and swivels permanently attached to pitched chains. pulley blocks. container spreaders. trays. slings. baskets. etc. and any other similar gear;
    • Hooks and swivels having screws-threaded parts or ball bearings or other case-hardened parts;
    • Bordeaux connections.
  • 'Thorough examination" means a visual examination supplemented if necessary by other means. carried out as carefully as the conditions permit. in order to arrive at a reliable conclusion as to the safety of the parts examined; ana if necessary for the purpose, parts of the gear must be dismantled.