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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.


Requirements for Canteens.

(See Regulation 106)

  • Plans and site plans of the building to be constructed or adopted for use as a canteen shall be submitted and got approved from the Chief Inspector.
  • The canteen building shall be constructed according to the approved plans and shall provide accommodation for a dinning hall, kitchen, store rooms, pantry and washing places separately for workers and for utensils. The minimum height of the building shall not be less than 4 metres and all the walls and roofs shall be of suitable heat resisting material and shall be water proof.
  • The canteen building shall be situated not less than 15 metres from any latrine, urinal or any other source of dust, smoke or obnoxious fumes: Provided that the Chief Inspector may in any particular case relax the provisions of this rule to such an extent as may be reasonable in the circumstances and may require measures to be adopted to secure the essential purpose of this provision.
  • In a canteen, the floor and the inside walls upto a height of 1.25 metres from the floor shall be made of smooth and impervious material, the remaining portion of inside walls shall be made smooth by cement plaster or in any other suitable manner.
  • The doors, windows and ventilators of a canteen building shall be of fly-proof construction and shall allow adequate ventilation.
  • The canteen shall be adequately lighted at all times when any person has access to it
  • In every canteen
      • all inside walls of rooms and all ceilings and passages and staircases shall be limewashed or colour washed at least once in each year or painted once in three years dating from the period when last lime washed or painted, as the case may be;
      • all wood work shall be varnished or painted once in three years dating from the period when last varnished or painted;
      • all interval structural iron or steel work be varnished or painted once in three years dating from the period when last varnished or painted:

      Provided that inside walls of the kitchen shall be lime-washed once in every four months.

    • Records of dates on which lime-washing, colour- washing, varnishing or painting is carried out shall be maintained in a register in a form approved by the Inspector.
    • The floor of all rooms shall be kept clean at all times by sweeping and mopping.
  • The precincts of the canteen shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. Waste water shall be carried away in a suitable covered drain and shall not be allowed to accumulate so as to cause a nuisance. Covered receptacles shall be provided and used for the disposal of garbage and the receptacles shall be fully cleaned and disinfected once at least in every shift.
  • Dining Hall:
    • The dinning hall shall accommodate at a time at least 10 per cent of the dock workers at any time in any dock or any part of dock for which the canteen is provided:

      Provided that in any particular dock, the Chief Inspector may, alter the percentage of workers to be accommodated in a canteen.

    • The floor area of the dining hall, excluding the area occupied by the service counter and any furniture except tables and chairs, shall be not less than one square metre per diner to be accommodated as prescribed in sub-rule (a):

      Provided that where it is impracticable, owing to the lack of space to provide one square metre of floor area for each person, such reduced floor area may be provided as approved in writing by the Chief Inspector.

    • A portion of the dinning hall and service counter shall be partitioned off and reserved for women workers in proportion to their numbers. Washing places for women shall be separate and screened to secure privacy.
    • Sufficient tables, chairs or benches shall be available for the number of diners to be accommodated as prescribed in sub-rule (a,.
    • Soaps and towels shall be provided at the washing places in the canteen for the use of the workers.
  • Equipment:
    • There shall be provided and maintained sufficient utensils, crockery, cutlery, furniture and any other equipment necessary for the efficient running of the canteen. Suitable uniforms of the employees serving in the canteen shall be provided and maintained in clean condition.
    • Food and food materials shall be stored in flyproof cupboards and handled with the help of wooden ladles or suitable metal forceps whichever is convenient. Vessel used once shall be cleaned before being used again.
    • The furniture, utensils and other equipment shall be maintained in a clean and hygenic condition. The service counter and all the dining tables shall have a top of smooth and impervious materials. Suitable facilities including an adequate supply of hot water shall be provided for cleaning of the utensils and equipment