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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.


Equipment required for a First-Aid box or cupboard

[See Regulation 101 (3)]

  • Twenty-four small sterilized dressings.
  • Twelve medium size sterilized dressings.
  • Twelve large size sterilized dressings.
  • Twelve large size sterilized burn dressings.
  • Twelve (15 gin) packets of sterilized cotton wool.
  • One (200 ml) bottle of cetrimide solution (1 per cent) or a suitable antiseptic solution.
  • One (200 ml) bottle of mercurochrome (2 per cent) solution in water.
  • One (200 ml) bottle of sal-volatile having the dose and mode of administration indicated on the label.
  • One pair of scissors.
  • One roll of adhesive plaster (6 cm x 1 in).
  • Two roll of adhesive plaster (2 cm. x 1 in).
  • Twelve pieces of sterilized eye pads in separate sealed packets.
  • A bottle containing 100 tablets (each of 325 mg.) of aspirin or any other analgesic).
  • One polythene wash bottle (500 cc) for washing eyes.
  • Twelve roller bandages 10 cm. wide.
  • Twelve roller bandages 5 cm wide.
  • Six triangular bandages.
  • One tourniquet.
  • A supply of suitable splints.
  • Two packets of safety pins.
  • Kidney tray.
  • A snake-bite lancet.
  • One (30 ml) bottle containing potassium permangenate crystals.
  •  One copy of first-aid leaflet issued by the Directorate General of Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes, Government of India, Bombay.