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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • In every Port there shall be either a special medical service or an occupational health service available all times, and it shall have the following functions
    • provision of first-aid and emergency treatment;
    • conducting pre-employment, periodical and special medical examinations of dock workers;
    • periodical training of first-aid personnel;
    • surveillance and rendering advice on conditions at work-places and facilities that can affect the health of dock workers;
    • promotion of health education including family welfare among dock workers; and
    • co-operation with the competent authority or Inspector in the detection, measurement and evaluation of chemical, physical or biological factors suspected of being harmful to the dock workers.
  • The medical service shall collaborate with the labour department or any other concerned department or service of the port in matters of treatment, job placement, accident, prevention and welfare of dock workers.
  • The medical service shall be headed by a doctor specialised in occupational health and shall be provided with adequate staff, laboratory and other personnel
  • The medical services shall be located at ground level, be conveniently accessible from all workplaces of the port or dock, be so designed as to allow stretcher cases to be handled easily and so far as practicable, shall not be exposed to excessive noise, dust or other nuisance.
  • The premises of the medical service shall comprise at least a waiting room, a consulting room, a treatment room and laboratory, apart from suitable accommodation for nurses and other personnel.
  • Rooms for waiting, consultation and treatment shall:
    • be spacious, suitably lighted and ventilated and wherever necessary heated or air cooled; and
    • have washable walls, floor and fixtures.
  • The medical service shall be provided with appropriate medical and laboratory facilities and such documentation as it may require for its work.
  • The medical service shall keep and maintain records pertaining to medical examination of dock workers and other activities and shall provide adequate information on.
    • the dock workers state of health; and
    • the nature, circumstances and outcome of occupational injuries.