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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • At every port there shall be constituted a safety committee which shall be headed by an officer not below the rank of Deputy Chairman of the Port. The main functions of the safety committee shall be-
    • to investigate into the causes of accidents and unsafe practices in dock work and to suggest remedial measures;
    • to stimulate interest, of employers and workers in safety by organising safety weeks, safety competitions, talks and film shows on safety, preparing posters or taking similar other measures;
    • to go round the dock with a view to check unsafe practices and detect unsafe conditions and to recommend remedial measures for their rectification;
    • to organise training programmes for the supervisory staff and workers;
    • to look into the health hazards associated with handling different types of cargoes and to suggest remedial measures Including use of proper personal protective equipment; and
    • to suggest measures for improving welfare amenities inside the docks and other miscellaneous aspects of safety, health and welfare in dock work.
  • The safety committee shall be constituted by the Chairman of the port and shall include besides port officials, representatives of port users, the recognised labour unions and the Chief Inspector.
  • The safety committee shall meet at regular intervals at least once in every quarter, and minutes of the meetings shall be circulated to the concerned departments of the Port, agencies and organisations.
  • The decisions and recommendations of the safety committee shall be complied with by the port authorities, port users and the employers of dock workers.