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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • In every dock wherein more than 150 dock workers are ordinarily employed, adequate and suitable shelters or rest sheds and suitable lunch rooms with provision for drinking water and washing facilities, where dock workers can eat meals brought by them, shall be provided at convenient places and maintained for their use:

    Provided that any canteen maintained in accordance with regulation 106 shall be regarded as part of the requirement of this regulation: Provided further that, where a lunch room is provided no dock worker shall eat any food in the precincts of the dock except in such lunch rooms.

  • Covered receptacles shall be provided and used for disposal of food and litter in every rest shed. These receptacles shall be emptied at least once in every shift.
  • The shelters or rest rooms and lunch rooms to be provided under sub-regulation (1) shall be sufficiently lighted and ventilated and shall be maintained in a cool and clean condition.