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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • When any dock worker has to proceed to or from a ship by water for the purposes of carrying on a dock work, proper measures shall be taken to provide for his safe transportation. Vessels used for this purpose shall be in charge of a responsible person, and shall be properly equipped for safe navigation and maintained in good condition.
  • The means of transport referred to in sub-regulation (1) shall conform to the following:
    • adequate protection is provided to the dock workers from inclement weather;
    • the vessel shall be manned by adequate and experienced crew, duly authorised by competent authority;
    • if the bulwarks of the vessel are lower than 60 centimetres, the open edges shall be fitted with suitable fencing to a height of at least one metre above the deck. The posts, stanchions and similar parts used in the fencing shall not be spaced more than two metres apart;
    • the number of life buoys on deck shall be at least equal to the number of persons in the crew and shall not be less than two;
    • all life buoys shall be kept in good state of maintenance and be so placed that if the vessel sinks they remain afloat, one of the said buoys shall be within the immediate reach of the steerman and another shall, be situated far apart; and
    • the position of the steerman of the vessel shall be such that he has a reasonably free view of all sides.
  • Maximum number of persons that can be safely carried In the vessel shall be certified by a competent authority and marked plainly and conspicuously on the vessel and such number shall not be exceeded.