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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Only duly authorised person shall be permitted to install, adjust, examine, repair, displace or remove electrical equipment or circuits.
  • Efficient and suitably located means shall be provided for cutting off all pressure from every part of the system, as may be necessary to prevent danger.
  • All portable electrical equipment shall be maintained in good working order and inspected by a responsible person at least once in every day before It is taken into use.
  • Portable electric light or equipment used in a confined space shall be of twenty-four volts or less.
  • Only flame proof electrical equipment shall be used in a confined space where inflammable gas, fume or dust is likely to be present.
  • All non-current carrying metal parts of electrical equipment shall be earthed or other suitable measures shall be taken to prevent them from becoming live.
  • Portable or flexible electric conductors shall be of heavy duty type and shall be kept clear of loads, running gear and moving equipment.
  • All live conductors shall be adequately insulated or fenced to prevent danger by accidental contact of dock workers or non-current carrying parts of lifting appliances, conveyors, transport equipment and machinery.