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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • All motors, cogwheels, chains and friction gearing, flywheels, shaftings, every dangerous and moving parts of machinery (whether or not driven by mechanical power) and steam pipes shall be securely fenced or lagged.
  • The fencing of dangerous parts of machinery shall not be removed while the machinery is in motion or in use, but if removed, shall be replaced before the machinery is taken into normal use again.
  • No part of any machinery which is in motion and which is not securely fenced shall be examined, lubricated, adjusted or repaired except by persons duly authorised.
  • Machine parts shall only be cleaned when the machine is stopped.
  • When machinery is stopped for servicing or repairs, adequate means shall be taken to ensure that it cannot inadvertently be restarted.