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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Except on water side, the perimeter of the container terminal shall be fenced, by wire mesh or some other suitable material of substantial construction, and of adequate strength and permanency, which shall be at least 1.5 metre high.
  • There shall be separate entry and exit points to the container terminal and shall be clearly marked.
  • Wherever the containers are stocked, the load bearing capacity of the floor shall be adequate.
  • Suitable signs or signals indicating terminal road and pedestrian traffic shall be erected and maintained at suitable points.
  • A special area or road-way or part thereof shall be provided for waiting of the vehicles. No private vehicle other than the container handling equipment and vehicles for transporting containers shall be allowed inside the container terminals.
  • All areas where mechanical handling appliances and transport equipment operate, shall be kept free of pot holes, unnecessary equipment and obstructions.
  • All operational areas and access to them shall be provided with sufficient and suitable lighting as specified under regulation 16.