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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Dangerous goods shall be loaded, unloaded handled and stored under the supervision of a responsible person who is familiar with the risks and the precautions to be taken. In case of doubt as to the nature of the risk or the precautions to be taken, necessary instructions shall be obtained from the Safety Officer appointed under these regulations.
  • Dangerous goods shall not be loaded, unloaded or stored unless they are suitably packed and labelled showing the danger therefrom. The dock workers shall be given adequate information concerning the nature of the cargo and special precautions to be observed in handling them.
  • Special precautions, such as provision of mats, sling nets, boxes and high sided pallets shall be taken to prevent breakage or damage to containers of the dangerous goods.
  • Dock workers employed in loading or unloading or otherwise handling dangerous goods shall be provided with suitable protective equipments.
  • Dock workers handling dangerous goods shall thoroughly wash their hands and faces with soap or some other cleaning agent before taking any food, drink, pan and supari or tobacco.
  • Only specially trained dock workers shall be employed for cleaning, sweeping or handling spillages or sweeping of dangerous goods.