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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Internal combustion engines shall not be used in connection with the dock work In the holds or cargo spaces unless
    • adequate means of ventilation and, where necessary mechanical ventilation is provided;
    • suitable fire fighting equipment Is readily available;
    • exhaust pipes, connections and mufflers are kept tight;
    • exhaust is so directed as not to cause inconvenience to the operator and dock workers;
    • it is ensured that no explosives, inflammable liquids, gases or similar dangerous cargo are present;
    • a spark arrestor is fitted on the exhaust of the engine and the bare heated surfaces of the engine, that are liable to ignite spilled fuel, are suitably protected;
    • the engine is refuelled above deck; and
    • the exhaust does not contain the carbon monoxide above the prescribed in the national standards.
  • The internal combustion engine shall be switched off when not In use in connection with the dock work
  • Operators of internal combustion engines in cargo spaces or cargo holds shall not work alone.
  • Whenever internal combustion engines for use in dock work are to be brought on board, the Master or the Officer-in-charge of the ship shall be notified.