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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.


Transport equipment and operations
  • All trucks/trailers and tractor equipments shall be of good material, sound construction, sufficiently strong for the purpose for which it is used and maintained in good state of repair:

    Provided that trucks and trailer employed for transporting freight containers shall be of the size to carry the containers without overhanging and provided with twist locks conforming to national standards at all the four corners and these shall be:

    • approved by a competent person; and
    • inspected, by a responsible person once at least in every month and record maintained.
  • All trucks and other equipments shall be inspected at least once a week by a responsible person and when any dangerous defect is noticed in an equipment it shall be immediately taken out of use.
  • Power trucks and tractors shall be equipped with effective brakes, head lights and tail lamps and maintained in good repairs and working order.
  • Side stanchions on power trucks and trailers for carrying heavy and long objects shall be.
    • of substantial construction and free from defects;
    • provided with tie chains attached to the top across the loads for preventing the stanchions from spreading out; and
    • wherever necessary the stanchions shall be in position while loading and, unloading.
  • Safe gangways shall be provided for to and for movement of dock workers engaged in loading and unloading in lorries, trucks, trailers and wagons.
  • Trucks and other equipment; shall not be loaded beyond their safe carrying capacity which shall be clearly and plainly marked on them.
  • Handles of hand trucks shall be so designed as to protect the hands of the dock workers or else be provided with knuckle guards.
  • Unauthorised persons shall not ride on transport equipment employed in connection with the dock work.
    • Driver of the transport equipment shall manoeuvre the equipment under the direction of signaller only:
  • Provided that this sub-regulation shall not apply in case vision of the driver is not obstructed.