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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Every lifting appliance and every item of loose gear shall be clearly marked with its safe working load and identification mark by stamping or where this is impracticable, by other suitable means.
    • Every ship's derrick (other than derrick crane) shall be clearly marked with its safe working load when the derrick is used
      • in single purchase,
      • with a lower cargo block, and
      • in union purchases in all possible block positions;
    • The lowest angle to the horizontal, that the derrick may be used, shall also be legibly marked.
  • Every lifting appliance (other than ship's derricks) having more than one safe working load shall be fitted with effective means enabling the operator to determine the safe working load under each condition of use.
  • Means shall be provided to enable any dock worker using loose gears to ascertain the safe working load for such loose gears under such conditions as it may be used and such means shall consists
    • as regards chain slings, of marking the safe working load in plain figures or letter: upon the sling or upon a tablet or ring of durable material attached securely thereto; and
    • as regards wire rope slings, either the means specified in CL (a) above or a notice or notices so exhibited as can be easily read by any concerned, dock worker stating the safe working load for the various sizes of the wire rope slings used.
  • No lifting appliance or loose gear shall be used unless marked in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.