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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • All hatch cover exceeding 55 kilogram in weight and all beams of any hatch shall be removed or replaced only with a which or other suitable mechanical means.
  • When being replaced, hatch covers and beams shall be placed on the hatches in the position indicated by the markings thereon and shall be adequately secured.
  • Hatch covers and beams shall not be removed or replaced while dock worker is below the level of the hatch in a position in which he is liable to be struck by a falling hatch covering or hatch beam.
  • Hatch covers, tarpaulins, fore-and-aft beams and thwartship beams which have been removed shall be so laid down, stacked or secured that they cannot fall into the hold or otherwise cause danger.
  • Hatch covers and beams shall be so placed as to leave a safe walkway from bulwark to hatch coaming or fore-and-aft.
  • Hatch covers shall be either arranged in neat piles not higher than the coaming and away from it or spread one high between coaming and rail with no space between them. The height of the stack shall be regulated so that, if accidentally struck by a sling, they will not endanger a dock worker below or overside.