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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • All fore and aft beams and thwartship beams used for hatch coverings shall have suitable gear for lifting them on and off without it being necessary for any dock worker to go upon them to adjust such gear.
  • All hatch coverings and beams shall be kept plainly marked to indicate the deck and hatch to which they belong and their position therein.
  • All hatch coverings and beams shall be replaced according to their markings:

    Provided that this regulation shall not apply in cases where all the hatch coverings and beams of a ship are interchangeable or, in respect of marking of position, where all hatch coverings of a hatch are interchangeable.

  • All fore and aft beams and thwartship beams including sliding beams and the tracks used for hatch coverings and all hatch coverings shall be maintained in good condition.
  • Adequate handgrips shall be provided on all hatch coverings, having regard to their size and weight, unless construction of the hatch or the hatch covering is of a character rendering the provision of handgrips unnecessary.
  • Hatch coverings shall not be used in the construction of stages or for any other purpose which may expose them to damage.
  • Hatch covers and beams shall not be removed and replaced while dock work is in progress in the hold under the hatchway. Before loading or unloading take place, any hatch cover or beam that is not adequately secured against displacement shall be removed.
  • Only an authorised person shall be permitted to open or close power operated hatch covers.
  • Folding hatch covers shall be fitted with locking devices to prevent covers from folding back.
  • Hatch covers shall not be opened or closed in such manner as is likely to cause injury to any dock worker.