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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Every hatchway of a hold exceeding 1.5 metres in depth, which is not protected by coaming to a clear height of 75 centimetres shall, when not in use either be effectively fenced to a height of one metre or be securely covered to prevent dock workers from falling into the hold
  • If in any hatch dock work is carried on simultaneously at two decks, the open end of the hatch in the higher deck shall be protected to a height of one metre by means of planks or nets or in some other suitable manner to prevent fall of dock workers or cargo and the safety nets when rigged shall not be secured to the hatch covers
  • When an edge of a hatch section or of stowed cargo more than 2.5 metre high is so exposed that it presents a danger to dock workers falling the edge shall be guarded by a taut rope, safety net or railing to a height of one metre
  • Dock workers employed in a hold on a partly covered hatch or on a stack shall be protected by spreading a net or in some other suitable way, against the danger of falling down