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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

C. Means of Access

  • When a ship is lying at a wharf or quay for the purpose of dock work, adequate and safe means of access to the ship, properly installed and secured, shall be provided.
  • Safe means, required by sub-regulation (1) shall be as follows:
  • Where practicable, the ship, accommodation ladder or a gangway or a similar construction, shall be-
    • not less than 55 cms, wide at the steps and of adequate depth with steps having permanent non-skid surface;
    • properly secured and securely fenced throughout its length on each side to a clear height of one metre by means of upper and lower rails, taut ropes or chains or by other equally safe means except that in the case of ship's accommodation ladder such fencing shall be necessary one side only provided that the other side is properly protected by the ship's side;
    • constructed of suitable material and maintained in good condition and suitable for the purpose;
    • maintained in a condition as to prevent slipping;
    • fitted with a platform at either end of the ladder and the lower platform or the treads resting on the dock;
    • an angle maintained not exceeding 40 degrees to the horizontal irrespective of resting on the dock.
  • When a fixed tread ladder is used and the angle is low enough to require dock workers to walk on the edge of the treads, cleated duck boards shall be laid over and secured to the ladder.
  • Whenever there is danger of dock workers falling between the ship and the shore, a safety knot or other suitable protection shall be rigged below the accommodation ladder in such a manner as to prevent dock workers from falling.
  • If it is not possible to rest the accommodation ladder or gangway and the foot of the same is more than 30 cms. away from the edge of the wharf or quay, the space between them shall be bridged by a firm walkway equipped with railing on both the sides with a minimum height of one metre with the mid-rails.
  • Access to the ship shall not be within the swinging radius of the load.
  • When the upper end of the means of access rests on or is in flush with the top of the bulwark substantial steps properly secured and equipped with at least one substantial handrail one metre in height shall be provided between the top of the bulwark and the deck and the steps provided shall be, as far as practicable, in line with the gangway.
  • The use of swinging derricks or rope ladders for the access shall be prohibited.