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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Place where dock workers are employed shall, be provided with
    • sufficient and suitable fire-extinguishing equipment; and Dock Workers (Safety, Health & Welfare) regulation., 1990 [R. 18
    • an adequate water supply at ample pressure as per national standards.
  • Persons trained to use the fire-extinguishing equipment shall be readily available during all working hours.
  • Fire-extinguishing equipment shall be properly maintained and Inspected at regular intervals and a record maintained to that effect.
  • A portable fire-extinguishing equipment of suitable type shall be provided in every launch or boat or other craft used for transport of dock workers and also in the crane cabins including mobile cranes.
  • Smoking shall not be allowed in the hold of a ship, on wharf, in warehouses and transit sheds and "No Smoking" or other cautionary notices shall be displayed at such places.