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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Sufficient supply of sound and substantial material shall be available at convenient place or places for the construction of staging
  • All staging shall be:
    • securely constructed of sound and substantial material and shall be maintained in such condition so as to ensure the safety of all dock workers; and
    • inspected at regular and frequent intervals by a responsible person
  • All planks and ropes intended to be used for a staging shall be:
    • carefully examined before being taken into use; and
    • re-examined by a responsible person before they are used again after the stages have been dismantled.
  • All planks forming stages shall be securely fastened to prevent slipping.
  • All stages shall be of sufficient width to secure the safety of the dock workers working therein. In particular, on stage at a height of two metres or more above
    R. 17] Dock Worker (Safety,Health & Welfare) RegulatIons, 1990
  • the ground level deck bottom, deck or tank top, shall be less than 30 centimetre wide.
  • Planks supported as the rungs of ladders shall not be used to support stages.
    • Stage suspended by ropes or chains shall be secured as far as possible so as to prevent their swinging; and
    • no rope or chain shall be used in suspending stages unless it Is of suitable quality, adequate strength and free from patent defects. Fibre rope shall not pass over sharp edges.
  • Safe means of access shall be provided for the use of dock workers to and from stages and ropes used for suspending stages shall not be used as means of access.