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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • All railings for the fencing of hatchways, accommodation ladders, grangways, stainway for embarking, disembarking, and any other dangerous place shall be of sound material, good construction and possess adequate strength and unless specified in these regulations;
    • be at least one metre in height; and
    • consist of two rails or two taut ropes or chains supporting stanchions and toe boards.
  • Intermediate rails, ropes or chain shall be 50 centimetre high.
  • Stanchions shall not be more than two metre apart and shall be secured against inadvertent lifting out.
  • The toe board shall be at least 15 centimetre high.
  • Railings shall be free from sharp edges.
  • Temporary fencing of hatchways elevated platforms, etc. shall be as far as reasonably practical, extend to a height of one metre and consist of either:
    • two taut ropes or chains with stanchions; or
    • a properly rigged and securely fastened safety net.
  • Stairs giving access to transport vessel shall be equipped with wooden or rubber fenders so that the gap of more than 30 centimetre is maintained between the side of the steps and side of the vessel.