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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • The following parts of a dock and approaches as far as practicable having regard to the traffic and working be securely fenced so that the height of the fence shall be in no place less than one meter and the fencing shall be maintained in good condition:
    • all breaks, dangerous comers, and other dangerous parts or edges of a dock;
    • both sides of such foot ways, over bridges, caissons, and dock gates as are in general use by dock workers and each side of the entrance at each end of such foot way for sufficient distance not exceeding, 4.5 meters:

    Provided that in case of fences which were constructed before the date of commencement of this regulation, it shall be sufficient if the height of the fence is in no place less than 75 cm.

  • The ditches, pits, trenches for pipes and cables and other hazardous openings and excavations shall be securely covered or adequately fenced.
  • Where wharves or quays slope steeply towards the water, the outer edge shall be protected as far as practicable.