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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

  • Every regular approach over a dock which the working place and every such working place inside the dock which workers have to use for going to or from a dock shall be,-
    • kept clean and free from objects that can cause slipping, stumbling or falling,
    • maintained in good repair with due regard to the safety of the dock workers.
  • All areas of a dock shall be kept properly drained and graded In order to facilitate safe access to sheds, warehouses and store places and safe handling of cargo and equipment.
  • Drain pools and catch basins shall be properly covered or enclosed.
  • All areas of a dock and all approaches on which lifting appliances and transport equipment are used shall be soundly constructed, surfaced with good wearing material and sufficiently even and free from holes and cracks to afford safe transport of cargo and shall be properly maintained.
  • Any working area in a dock which is damaged or under repair shall be effectively blocked off from other areas and when necessary,, warning lights shall be provided at night.
  • All landing places used by dock workers for embarking or disembarking from crafts meant for transport by water, shall be maintained in good repair with due regard to the safety of the persons using them.