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DGFASLI, Mumbai, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

An Inspector may at any port for which he is appointed

  • Provided that no person shall be compelled under sub-regulation 3 (a) (iv) to answer any question or, give any evidence tending to incriminate himself;
    • enter, with such assistance, (if any), as he thinks fit, any ship, dock, warehouse or other premises, where any dock work, is being carried on, or where he has reason to believe that any dock work is being carried on
    • make examination of the ship, dock, lifting appliance, loose gear, lifting device, staging, transport equipment, warehouse or other premises, used or to be used, for any dock work
    • require the production of any testing muster roll or other document relating to the employment of dock workers and examine such document
    • take on the spot or otherwise such evidence of any person which he may deem necessary:
    • take copies of registers, records or other documents or portions thereof as he may consider relevant in respect of any offence which he has reason to believe has been committed or for the purpose of any inquiry;
    • take photograph, sketch, sample, weight measure or record as he may consider necessary for the purpose of any examination or inquiry;
    • hold an inquiry into the cause of any accident or dangerous occurrence which he has reason to believe was the result of the collapse or failure of any lifting appliance loose gear, transport equipment, staging non-compliance with any of the provisions of the Act or the regulations;
    • issue show-cause notice relating to the safety, health and welfare provisions arising under the Act or the regulations;
    • prosecute, conduct or defend before any court any complaint or other proceedings, arising under the Act or the regulations;
    • direct the port authority, dock labour board and other employers of dock workers for getting the dock workers medically examined if considered necessary.
  • A person having general management and control of the premises or the owner, master, officer-in-charge or agents of the ship, as the case may be, shall provide such means as may be required by the Inspector for entry, inspection, examination, inquiry, otherwise for the exercise of his powers under Act and the regulations in relation to that ship or premises which shall also include the provision of launch or other means of transport.