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41C. Specific responsibility of the occupier in relation to hazardous processes

Every occupier of a factory involving any hazardous process shall :

  • maintain accurate up-to-date health records or, as the case may be, medical records, of the workers in the factory who are exposed to any chemical, toxic or any other harmful substances which are manufactured stored, handled or transported and such records shall be accessible to the workers subject to such conditions as may be prescribed;
  • appoint persons who posses qualifications and experience in handling hazardous substances and are competent to supervise such handling within the factury and to provide at the working place all the necessary facilities for protecting the workers in the manner prescribed :

    Provided that where any question arises as to the qualifications and experience of a person so appointed,the decision of the Chief Inspector shall be final;

  • provide for medical examination of every worker -
    • before such worker is assigned to a job, involving the handling of, or working with, a hazardous substance, and
    • while continuing in such job, and after he has ceased to work in such job,at intervals not exceeding twelve months,in such manner as may be prescribed.