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9. Powers of Inspectors

Subject to any rules made in this behalf, an Inspector may, within local limits for which he is appointed,-

  • enter with such assistants, being persons in the service of the Government, or any local or other public authority 39[or with an expert], as he thinks fit, any place which is used, or which he has reason to believe is used as a factory;
  • 40[make examination of the premises, plant, machinery, article or substance;
  • inquire into any accident or dangerous occurrence, whether resulting in bodily injury, disability or not,and take on the spot or otherwise statements of any person which he may consider necessary for such inquiry;
  • require the production of any prescribed register, record or other docu- ment relating to the factory;
  • seize, or take copies of, any register, record or other document or any portion thereof, as he may consider necessary in respect of any offence under this Act, which he has reason to believe, has been committed;
  • direct the occupier that any premises or any part thereof,or anything therein, shall be left undisturbed (whether generally or in particular respects) for so long as is necessary for the purpose of any examination under clause (b);
  • take measurements and photographs and make such recordings as he considers necessary for the purpose of any examination under clause (b), taking with him any necessary instrument or equipment;
  • in case of any article or substance which appears to him as having caused or is likely to cause danger to the health or safety of the workers, direct t it to be dismantled or subject it to any process or test (but not so as to damage or destroy it unless the same is, in the circumstances necessary, for carrying out the purposes of this Act), and take possession of any such article or substance or a part thereof, and detain it for so long as is necessary for such examination;
  • exercise such other powers as may be prescribed]

Provided that no person shall be compelled under this section to answer any question or give any evidence tending to incriminate himself.


39. Ins. by 20 of 1987 40. Subs. by Act 20 of 1987