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91. Power to take samples

  • An Inspector may at any time during the normal working hours of a factory, after informing the occupier or manager of the factory or other person for the time being purporting to be in charge of the factory, take in the manner hereinafter provided a sufficient sample of any substance used or intended to be used in the factory, such use being :-
    • in the belief of the Inspector in contravention of any of the provisions of this Act or the rules made thereunder, or
    • in the opinion of the Inspector likely to cause bodily injury to, or injury to the health of, workers in the factory.
  • Where the Inspector takes a sample under sub-section (1), he shall, in the presence of the person informed under that sub- section unless such person willfully absents himself, divide the sample into three portions and effectively, seal and suitably mark them, and shall permit such person to add his own seal and mark thereto.
  • The person informed as aforesaid shall, if the Inspector so requires provide the appliances for dividing, sealing and marking the sample taken under this section.
  • The Inspector shall :-
    • forthwith give one portion of the sample to the person informed under sub-section (1) ;
    • Forthwith send the second portion to a Government analyst for analysis and report thereon;
    • retain the third portion for production to the Court before which proceedings, if any, are instituted in respect of the substance.
  • Any document purporting to be a report under the hand of any Government analyst upon any substance submitted to him for analysis and report under this section, may be used as evidence in any proceeding instituted in respect of the substance.