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19. Latrines and urinals

  • In every factory :-
    • sufficient latrine and urinal accomodation of prescribed types shall be provided conveniently situated and accessible to workers at all times while they are at the factory;
    • separate enclosed accommodation shall be provided for male and female workers;
    • such accomodation shall be adequately lighted and ventilated and no latrine or urinal shall, unless specially exempted in writing by the Chief Inspector, communicate with any workroom except through an interven- ing open space or ventilated passage;
    • all such accommodation shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary conditions at all times;
    • sweepers shall be employed whose primary duty it would be to keep clean latrines, urinals and washing places.
  • In every factory wherin more than two hundred and fifty workers are ordinarily employed-
    • all latrines and urinal accomodation shall be of prescribed sanitary types;
    • the floors and internal walls, up to a height of 51[ninety centimetres,] of the latrines and urinals and the sanitary blocks shall be laid in glazed tiles or otherwise finished to provide a smooth polished impervious surface;
    • without prejudice to the provisions of clause (d) and (e) of sub-section(1), the floors, portions of the walls and blocks so laid or finished and the sanitary pans of latrines and urinals shall be thoroughly washed and cleaned at least once in every seven days with suitable detergents or disinfectants or with both.
  • The ![State] Government may prescribe the number of latrines and urinals to be provided in any factory in proportion to the number of male and female workers ordinarily employed therein, and provide for such further matter in respect of sanitation in factories, including the obligation of workers in this regard, as it considers necessary in the interest of the health of the workers employed therein.


51. Subs. by Act 20 of 1987

! Subs. for "Provincial" by the Adaptn. of Laws Orders, 1950