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87. Dangerous operations

Where the State Government is of opinion that any 35[manufacturing process or operation] carried on in a factory exposes any persons employed in it to a serious risk of bodily injury, poisoning or disease, it may order or make rules applicable to any factory or class or description of factories in which 36[manufacturing process or operation] is carried on :-

  • specifying the 36[manufacturing process or operation] and declaring it to be dangerous ;
  • prohibiting or restricting the employment of women, adolescents or children in the 36[manufacturing process or operation];
  • providing for the periodical medical examination for persons employed or seeking to be employed, in the 36[manufacturing process or operation], and prohibiting the employment of persons not certified as fit for such employment 37[and requiring the payment by the occupier of the factory of the factory of fees for such medical examination].
  • providing for the protection of all persons employed in the 36[manufac- turing process or operation] or in the vicinity of the places where it is carried on;
  • prohibiting, restricting or controlling the use of any specified materials or process in connection with the 36[manufacturing process or operation];
  • 38[(f) requiring the provision of additional welfare amenities and sanitary facilities and the supply of protective equipment and clothing, and laying down the standards thereof, having regard to the dangerous nature of the manufacturing process or operation];
  • 39[* * * ]


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