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78. Application of Chapter

  • The provisions of this Chapter shall not operate to the prejudice of any right to which a worker may be entitled under any other law or under the terms of any award, 23[agreement (including settlement)] or contract of service :

    24[Provided that if such award, agreement (including settlement) or contract of service provides for a longer annual leave with wages than provided in this Chapter, the quantam of leave, which the worker shall be entitled to, shall be in accordance with such award, agreement or contract service, but in relation to matters not provided for in such award, agreement or contract of service or matters which are provided for less favourable therein, the provisions of sections 79 to 82, so far as may be, shall apply.]

  • The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to workers 25[in any factory] of any railway administered by the Government, who are governed by leave rules approved by the Cental Government.


22. Chapter VIII (sections 78 to 84) subs. by Act 25 of 1954
23. Subs. for "agreement" by Act 94 of 1976
24. Proviso subs. by ibid.
25. Subs. for "in any workshop" by ibid.