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All the institutes are equipped with auditorium for organizing seminars and conferences

Industrial Safety ,health and Welfare Center :

The Industrial safety, and welfare center demonstrate and depict methods arrangements and appliances for promoting safety and health worker, this center has models and exhibits regarding safety, health and welfare in the form of properly guarded machines, personal protective equipments, safe methods of material handling, light and color schemes and other arrangements for propagating the message of safety and occupational health that workplaces

Webinar Centers :

Webinar centers are available at CLI ,Mumbai ,RLI ,Faridabad ,Chennai each having a capacity of 60 seats .this center is useful for holding Web based seminars.

Seminars benefiting the participants at multiple locations at the same time

Guest Rooms:

These institutes also have well furnished hostels with facilities for catering to both the international and national level participants.

Library Cum information Center

Titles on various discipline on OSH are dealt with by institutes several Indian and foreign journals books and publications are also available in the library the library is referred to by the people from industry students of post graduate and professionals courses besides the facility of institutes